1, “I really enjoyed the meal out and it was a great end to what has been the best course of study I have ever been on. I can tell you how grateful I am to have chosen your course and how fantastic a tutor you have been! You made a very complicated ancient therapy seem simple and easy to understand and it has enabled me to have the confidence to practice acupuncture and develop as a therapist and within myself on a spiritual level”.
2, “The acupuncture training has been fantastic. Am now on my 52nd treatment which is great (after 2 months). Have also had clients for the facial revitalisation. Results have been good so am pleased that I can now cut back on all the bodywork treatments I have been doing. Have been really blessed with my practice this summer and seem to now have a list of celebrity clients which has been amazing as now all their mates are calling me when they come up from London”.

3, “Jamie is an inspirational teacher and I have achieved so much more than I thought I could in a relatively short time. Not only have I learnt to be an acupuncturist I have also found out so much more about myself and my relationships with the world. The course is emotionally and spiritually affirming and is already taking my therapeutic work to another dimension.”