One Year Training in Acupuncture

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Starting March 2020


Why study on our Acupuncture Course?

Start your journey to becoming an acupuncturist in the UK with the Healing & Acupuncture College. We offer a well-structured and in-depth course on acupuncture, running for a total of 12 Online Modules or 12 Weekends.


Duration: Online + 24 days

Timeframe: 7-12 months

Cost: £5995

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At HAC we offer both a comprehensive undergraduate course and short postgraduate acupuncture courses. Our main course includes all the postgraduate training and includes clinical practice and examinations. All courses cover both theory and practical training.

The topics listed below will cover theory online (Including many hours of Video) and be 90% Practical each attending day.

You can also see exactly which subjects are covered at different stages of the course by looking at the online schedule here


Acupuncture has a long history stretching back up to 2000 years and drawing its core theory from the ancient text known as: The Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine. Since then there have been many changes and refinements coming from China, Japan, Korea, India and Europe. These have developed into what we can call strands of Modern Acupuncture. This would include what is known as Medical Acupuncture, Dry Needling or Trigger Point Acupuncture techniques. However, we focus on those theories which draw on holistic traditional practice and bring it into a modern context. Our short acupuncture course will discuss the history of acupuncture and then concentrate on two theories known generally as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Five Element Acupuncture. We also include Ear Acupuncture which was mostly developed in Europe over the last century.  Ours is an ideal acupuncture course for beginners or for health professionals or anyone else who has an interest in an online acupuncture course combined with a weekend acupuncture skills course.

We are called the Healing & Acupuncture College for a reason and that is to acknowledge that acupuncture is more than a method to reduce pain or help heal an injury (although its good for those things too). Our Acupuncture weekend course concentrates on practical techniques most of the time. This includes healing techniques like visualisations and opportunities to focus on different needling techniques. Training in acupuncture is an ongoing self-development project where we become more in tune with ourselves and who we really are (which is not the same as who we think we are). There are many acupuncture techniques you can learn, many acupuncture colleges and many part-time or weekend acupuncture courses but there is only one you. It is you and your ability to heal yourself and others through the medium of acupuncture that is our main area of focus.

There are about 360 acupuncture points in a standard textbook and most acupuncture training courses will not require that you learn them all immediately. We learn about 100 points and concentrate on getting your knowledge of those to a good level without overwhelming you. Learning of the acupuncture points starts online with home study where you are encouraged to read about the points in books and watch us locating and needing them on video. Later, in case discussions and assignments you will use your points knowledge to make prescriptions and to explain your choices and reasoning.

We start by learning how to position the hands and simply feel for pulses in three positions on each wrist. We try and do this with an empty mind and without judgement so as to acknowledge that although one part of pulse taking is academic and practical (learning what different feelings mean) another is purely intuitive. Later we develop this further as we recognise changes in the pulse during the course of treatments in the clinic. This is a great challenge for some established health professionals who have not previously seen pulses in this way. We believe ours is a great acupuncture course for health professionals generally and can greatly help to broaden the scope of an established practice.

We will be looking at pictures of tongues, our own tongues and the tongues of patients in clinic. Although tongue diagnosis tends to be more relevant to herbal medicine than to acupuncture it is still a useful way to help confirm a diagnosis and monitor progress.

On the acupuncture weekend course, we put your theoretical knowledge of the locations to use and concentrate on “feel” and sensitivity. Learning points should ultimately bring you to a sense of “knowing” the points and their energetic nature. This feeling and sensitivity is much more important than the number of points you know. Of course, once you have perfected these skills on 100 points it’s quite easy to add more and we do that in the postgraduate part of the course. Point location classes and the exam include the all-important health and safety aspects of acupuncture practice.


It’s in the clinic that our acupuncture home study plus course really comes alive. There is no substitute for actually treating real patients in a clinic setting. this experience empowers our students and gives them the confidence to start their own practice. Students who have completed all their exams and obtained their certificates can start to practice before they have completed the course if they wish. This gives the opportunity to discuss cases and diagnosis etc with our staff.
Acupuncture is gaining a great reputation as a non-invasive and natural way to assist couples who have problems with conception. Our postgraduate days on fertility (Male and Female) and gynaecology (including menopause and general women’s health issues) are part of our comprehensive acupuncture training package. But this is also ideal for other professionals who are already qualified to use acupuncture in their practice, such as midwives, osteopaths, physiotherapists etc. Since this is such a large part of modern practice we schedule a full 2 days with a specialist acupuncture teacher/practitioner on this subject. This is great for our students who are sometimes joined by other acupuncture professionals for the training.

Our Cosmetic Acupuncture Course, also known as a Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture Course is included in the postgraduate (final part) of the general acupuncture training. There are various styles of cosmetic acupuncture training and ours is a basic one including electroacupuncture as an option. Students learn how to needle the face effectively and how to plan for a holistic beauty treatment including Tui-Na (Chinese style Massage) and also a conventional oil massage. Some students go on to study further on other cosmetic acupuncture courses after they leave us as well. This gives a large repertoire of styles they can choose from. We often find that our cosmetic acupuncture course is a good top-up acupuncture course for physiotherapists because they do not usually cover facial acupuncture in their training. Cosmetic acupuncture is sometimes a good marketing tool for an acupuncture practice since some sections of the public are more interested in their looks than their health!

Ear acupuncture has a reputation for the effective treatment of addiction through the NADA protocol. However, it can actually do much more than that. Our One Day Ear Acupuncture Course is included in our training package and also available to other professionals already trained in acupuncture. We discuss the history of ear acupuncture, its best uses and its limitations. We learn and practice the NADA protocol both online and in practice on rubber ears and then real ears on the day. We also learn some effective protocols to treat conditions such as headaches, heyfever, Shoulder pain, Hip Pain and spinal problems. Our Ear Acupuncture Course is short but effective and with the aid of the recommended manual participants quite quickly find themselves ready to start using this great additional tool to enhance their practice.

Emma Guy has treated many cancer patients and she gives us the benefit of her experience with her own protocol in this interesting presentation. 

Although our course tends to focus on holistic healing through acupuncture this should not exclude sports injury and pain however caused. We use our knowledge of the meridian system to treat pain and often include techniques such as electro-acupuncture, cupping and heat in order to do so. This is like a mini acupuncture course for physical therapists contained within our main acupuncture weekend course.

Emma Guy takes you through the options and gives you important tips to help start building your own acupuncture practice before you leave the course. 


"Excellent course providing the opportunity to graduate as an acupuncturist in a reasonable time scale and at an affordable cost. As a graduate of the college, I would highly recommend this course."
2016 Graduate
"A great college to have been a student of and what a great way to learn. The short Acupuncture course is long enough to make you into a confident practitioner without dragging on like some of the other courses. The Learning environment is friendly and professional in groups that are small enough to be personal, yet still giving a group feel. Overall this is a great course at a good price and a great learning experience."
2016 Graduate
"The HAC Acupuncture course with Jamie was exactly what I was looking for. Being a body worker with a good level of anatomical knowledge, it has given me a safe and simplified foundation to offer acupuncture as part of healing. I wanted to learn the practical, physical and energetic side to acupuncture within Chinese Medicine. The course delivered exactly that. The learning environment is informal and relaxed, yet safe and professional. Highly recommend this as a great based to understand TCM and acupuncture.
2018 Graduate


Course Delivery

Our acupuncture course is scheduled into two days at a time, at monthly intervals (with longer breaks in the event of public holidays). This teaching format allows enough time for home study and revision using the online content between classes. All students will learn both theoretical and practical acupuncture techniques with the majority of the theory being covered online. 

The Healing & Acupuncture College offer this unique, short-term course in acupuncture, enabling you to be able to practice acupuncture within 6-8 months. Full terms and conditions of our acupuncture courses are available.

Course Location

The Claremont Methodist Centre is in the historic city of Bath in the Southwest of England. There is free parking available in local streets.

Students who are travelling for the course usually stay in Bath for one or two nights whilst studying. We have provided information about the course location for prospective students interested in the course.