One Year Training in Acupuncture

Starting September 2019


Why study on our Acupuncture Course?

Start your journey to becoming an acupuncturist in the UK with the Healing & Acupuncture College. We offer a well-structured and in-depth course on acupuncture, running for a total of 36 days.


Duration: 36 days

Timeframe: 6-8 months

Cost: £5995

(Payable in installmets)

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At HAC we offer both a comprehensive undergraduate course and short postgraduate acupuncture courses. Our main course includes all the postgraduate training and includes clinical practice and examinations. All courses cover both theory and practical training.

The topics listed below will be taught approximately 50% Theory and 50% Practical each day.


On this module, you will be taught both theoretical and philosophical perspectives of acupuncture, and how the medicine has transformed over time. 

Using various styles and developments.

On this part of the course you will learn the types of point, the nature and energy of these points, functions and creative uses of key points on the body. 

In the section of the course, you will be taught how to identify the types of pulse, along with being to diagnose using the different types of pulse. 

Identifying key feature and meanings. 

The practical application of locating, sensing and using the acupuncture points on the body.


Treating real-life patients under the expert supervision of the Healing & Acupuncture teaching staff. 

The Healing & Acupuncture Course includes two full days on this specialist subject with expert practitioner Richard Jackson. 

Jamie has been teaching his cosmetic acupuncture class for over 20 years, thousands of people have completed this course and it is included at the end of your post graduate study. 

We do a full day on ear acupuncture and often use it in the clinic. This includes learning and practising the NADA protocol for addiction and drug withdrawal. 

Emma Guy has treated many cancer patients and she gives us the benefit of her experience with her own protocol in this interesting presentation. 

We discuss various common injuries and practice techniques and protocols in order to treat. 

Emma Guy takes you through the options and gives you important tips to help start building your own acupuncture practice before you leave the course. 


"Excellent course providing the opportunity to graduate as an acupuncturist in a reasonable time scale and at an affordable cost. As a graduate of the college, I would highly recommend this course."
2016 Graduate
"A great college to have been a student of and what a great way to learn. The short Acupuncture course is long enough to make you into a confident practitioner without dragging on like some of the other courses. The Learning environment is friendly and professional in groups that are small enough to be personal, yet still giving a group feel. Overall this is a great course at a good price and a great learning experience."
2016 Graduate
"The HAC Acupuncture course with Jamie was exactly what I was looking for. Being a body worker with a good level of anatomical knowledge, it has given me a safe and simplified foundation to offer acupuncture as part of healing. I wanted to learn the practical, physical and energetic side to acupuncture within Chinese Medicine. The course delivered exactly that. The learning environment is informal and relaxed, yet safe and professional. Highly recommend this as a great based to understand TCM and acupuncture.
2018 Graduate


Course Delivery

Our acupuncture course is scheduled into two days at a time, at two-week intervals (with longer breaks in the event of public holidays). This teaching format allows enough time for home study and revision in between classes. All students will learn both theoretical and practical acupuncture techniques. 

The Healing & Acupuncture College offer this unique, short-term course in acupuncture, enabling you to be able to practice acupuncture within 6-8 months. Full terms and conditions of our acupuncture courses are available.

Course Location

The Claremont Methodist Centre is in the historic city of Bath in the Southwest of England. There is free parking available in local streets.

Students who are travelling for the course usually stay in Bath for one or two nights whilst studying. We have provided information about the course location for prospective students interested in the course.