A Fast Track Training in Acupuncture

Online and Weekends Diploma Course

Our Fast-Track Diploma Course Runs Online & At Weekends

Begin a rewarding journey towards personal development and skill enhancement. If you have an interest in areas such as massage, bodywork, holistic practices, and self-improvement, then our acupuncture course aligns well with your interests. We offer a part-time program designed to fit the demands of contemporary lifestyles, combining the ease of online learning with hands-on practice.

Our entry-level course is competitively priced at under £5000, making a new, fulfilling career an achievable goal. Graduates will qualify to practice legally as members of the Acupuncture Association in the UK. (Outside U.K? see this link)

The course structure is convenient and accessible. The theoretical component is online, providing the flexibility to study at your convenience. In addition, we host eight weekend sessions in a scenic rural setting. These sessions offer practical experience, the chance to meet others with similar interests, and the opportunity to join a community dedicated to holistic healing.

Following this, for those who wish to further their expertise, we offer an advanced course as well.

The Healing & Acupuncture College is a welcoming and nurturing space where you can discover and fulfill your potential. This experience promises not just personal growth but also the ability to positively influence others’ lives


This is our core course leading to a diploma in acupuncture. Once you have completed this course you can begin practice.

Duration: Online + 16 days in person training

Timeframe 8 – 10 months (depending upon schedule/holidays)

See Syllabus for full details

Cost: £4695  

Payment Options Available

Link: Enrol now to secure your place for Sept 24


Graduates of the core course may choose to continue their studies with the advanced course, graduates will receive an advanced diploma in acupuncture.

Duration: Online + 8 days in person training

Timeframe 2-3 months

See Syllabus for full details

Cost: £2400

Payment in full Before Start


Course Delivery - Core Course

Our acupuncture course is scheduled into two days at a time, at monthly intervals (with longer breaks in the event of public holidays). This teaching format allows enough time for home study and revision using our online content between classes. All students will learn both theoretical and practical acupuncture techniques with the majority of the theory being covered online. 

The Healing & Acupuncture College offer this unique, short-term course in acupuncture, enabling you to be able to practice acupuncture within 8 -10 months. Full terms and conditions of our acupuncture courses are available here.

Course Delivery - Advanced Course

You may wish to continue your studies after you have completed the stage 1 course with our stage 2 programme. This works to the same onlie+weekends format as the stage 1 course.


More information about the syllabus is set out on a separate page and also on the online portal

Course Location

Courses run at Well Studio Bath, half a mile from Larkhall shopping area. Its a wonderful rural location and has great facilities for teaching and practice. It also has ample parking.

If you are coming by public transport we can arrange a lift from Charlcombe Lane where the no7 bus comes from the city centre (the stop is actually in Hill View Rd). You board the bus at Manvers St (2 mins walk from the station) after a recent change to the route See this link

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