Costs & Terms

Course fee is £4995

1, Standard terms

To enrol you pay £695 up to six weeks before the first weekend and we will provide access to the first module online so you can prepare. You pay a further £2150 on or before the first weekend attending and a further £2150 before the sixth weekend (Total £4995).

2, Discount for full payment in advance

We offer a discount if you pay for the whole course in advance and by the deadline date. This is one month before the first attending day and brings the cost the cost down to £4750. Once we recieve payment we will immediately enrol you so you can start the first module online in advance.

Please note that fees are non-refundable once the course starts, payments made late will incur a late payment fee and may delay access to the course.

Advanced Course

The advanced course runs after the core course has completed. Graduates are now starting to treat their own patients as well as treating at the college.

One Payment £2500 *  

The fee for the advanced course must be paid on or before the first day.

 To Pay Via Bank Transfer Please see bank details on enrol page


Courses have a deadline date of one month in advance see dates we cannot guarantee spaces and early enrollment is advised. We can sometimes accept later enrollments but not at the discounted rate.

The course will start on the deadline date with the first online module. Students who have enrolled will have access to the first module online.

What happens if I miss some of the course or need to defer?

The course has a 100% attendance requirement. However, If you are forced to miss up to 2 days due to exceptional circumstances we can accept that so long as you do your best to catch up. Note that in order to graduate, students must have passed the exams and completed at least 2 treatments in the college clinic (done during the final weekend or on the advanced course). This means essentially that you cannot miss the final weekend and graduate, unless you are doing the advanced course as well.

On such an intensive course missing more than 2 days (out of 16 or out of 24 if you are including advanced) would put you below the AA required hours and would mean that you would not be able to graduate. The college cannot be held responsible for weather events, natural disasters, illness or transport issues. In such circumstances, it will be the students’ responsibility to work with the college to arrange for catch up hours. There will also be a fee for this (see below).

We will always work to facilitate “catch up” classes with another group or independently, but this is not automatic or guaranteed to suit your schedule, and it will incur a minimum fee of £150 day.

If a student is unable to continue on the course due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness the college will do our best to assist. In such circumstances it may be possible to defer and join another group. Changing course is potentially expensive and disruptive and it will incur a £500 fee in all circumstances. Courses must be completed within 2 years of the original date the student started the course.



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How do I Enrol?

We appreciate payment by cheque/cash or bank transfer and the deposit by Paypal if preferred.

It is helpful if students can let us know as early as possible if they have an interest in taking the course. The deposit will secure your place. We will keep you updated with any changes or developments at the earliest possible opportunity. We do not encourage applicants from our immediate area since we already have several graduates working in Bath.

Books & Materials

Students need to allow for the cost of books, needles, insurance and registration as the course progresses. This will probably range between £100-£1000 depending on your chosen materials and what your local council charge. Full details are on the online portal.

The College issues certificates and the cost is included in the course fee. Any replacements will incur a fee of £30 each time they are requested.

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