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The Healing & Acupuncture College

As our name suggests we are an acupuncture training college with an emphasis on acupuncture as a mode of healing. We teach good basic acupuncture theory, Including 5 Elements and TCM and we are careful to ensure that above all our students are safe and competent to practice. We also ensure that they feel confident in what they are doing. So we emphasise the basics over and over again. One of the Chinese masters said that: “To be a master you must master the basics” Our students graduate with good needle skills, an awareness of Qi and the ability to make a diagnosis they can work with. It is when we practise acupuncture with an open heart that healing takes place and this is what we are encouraging. Every student decides how they wish to practice and how they wish to work once they leave us. For some this means including other forms of healing with their treatments, for others, it means continued academic study. Most of our students also elect to do our postgraduate course which enhances their knowledge and experience especially since it includes more clinical practice.

   Jamie Hedger


I studied acupuncture at 3 independent colleges in the UK and I worked as a teacher and clinic supervisor in one of them for 13 years. I set up my own college in 2008 in Hove although now I live in Bath and run courses here.

I specialise in blending the philosophy and approaches of the different colleges I trained with into my teaching and my own courses (5E+TCM & More). I also have my acupuncture practice in Bath.

I am interested in Healing and Self-Development and I probably read more current than traditional philosophy. I have found that my interpretation of the power and effectiveness of acupuncture has been influenced both by modern thinking and traditional ideas.

One reason why I run a shorter acupuncture course is that I think we always need to challenge the view that things should stay as they are. Acupuncture has never stood still, that is why there is so much theory and scope for interpretation and so much potential for anyone who takes it seriously. Im also conscious of the fact that the challenges we face now are very different than they were even 50 years ago.

I carry full public liability insurance as a teacher and practitioner. I am always happy to communicate with anyone who is considering the course so please feel free to e-mail or call me

Our Core Values:

Safety first, our first consideration is always to ensure that our students are safe and that they comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

Good basic theory, coupled with effective techniques in order to empower students into their own practice.

Pragmatic, We teach theories and techniques that we use ourselves and that we know are effective and that help people.

Lifelong learning, we are always ready to question ourselves, ready to be flexible, ready to change and adapt.

Self Development, acupuncture is an opportunity to face personal issues and challenges and to develop ourselves.

Holistic Medicine, always try and consider the whole picture.

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