Training in Acupuncture – New Course Starts March 2020

The Healing & Acupuncture College


HAC Students and staff enjoy a celebratory meal upon completion of the course.

We emphasise that becomming an acupuncturist is not only a learning process it is also a course in self-development.

The HAC course is approximately 50% online study and 50% practical work during weekends at the college in Bath.

Skills & Techniques

The pictures show pulse taking, cupping and face needling. These are all skills that we learn on the course.


"Excellent course providing the opportunity to graduate as an acupuncturist in a reasonable time scale and at an affordable cost. As a graduate of the college, I would highly recommend this course."
2016 Graduate
"A great college to have been a student of and what a great way to learn. The short Acupuncture course is long enough to make you into a confident practitioner without dragging on like some of the other courses. The Learning environment is friendly and professional in groups that are small enough to be personal, yet still giving a group feel. Overall this is a great course at a good price and a great learning experience."
2016 Graduate
"The HAC Acupuncture course with Jamie was exactly what I was looking for. Being a body worker with a good level of anatomical knowledge, it has given me a safe and simplified foundation to offer acupuncture as part of healing. I wanted to learn the practical, physical and energetic side to acupuncture within Chinese Medicine. The course delivered exactly that. The learning environment is informal and relaxed, yet safe and professional. Highly recommend this as a great based to understand TCM and acupuncture.
2018 Graduate
"Having completed the course, my expectations were far exceeded. I am left with a sense of confidence and certainty in my ability as a practitioner and inspired to continue down the route of fertility and female health. I feel honoured and privileged to have had the pleasure of hearing Jamie lecture. The topics discussed were delivered in a captivating and straightforward way. Most importantly, practical treatment approaches and fundamental principles in TCM and 5E were covered. From day one there has been an emphasis on practice as much as on theory. Most days consisted of a lecture combined with demonstrations and student practice relevant to the day’s teaching. We were introduced to a wide range of acupuncture techniques and equipment such as electro-acupuncture, moxa, cupping and various complimentary massage techniques to name a few. This allows us to practice and experience with confidence all that acupuncture has to offer. During the post grad part of the course, we participated in lectures on topics such as sport injuries, auricular acupuncture, gynaecology, cancer and facial rejuvenation given by acupuncturists who specialize in those fields. The lectures were insightful and incredibly interesting. In clinic (post grad) we treated patients under supervision. This allowed us to put what we’ve learned into practice and discuss and adjust treatment plans with Jamie’s guidance as needed. Throughout the course he was great for giving constructive feedback tailored to the individual student’s need and was always welcoming of questions. As previously stated, my expectations of this course were far exceeded. I recommend this course to anyone interested in Acupuncture and healing."
2018 Graduate