How long to study acupuncture?

Why does it take 3 years and £30k to study acupuncture. Acupuncture courses have always been 3 years in length since I first became aware of them 30 years ago. I don’t know exactly who made the original decision that they should be, or exactly why. But I would assume that it was considered a reasonable timescale because it was in accordance with the norm for degree courses.  It is really very difficult to say how much time it takes to become proficient at anything, and particularly something like acupuncture. If we were making televisions it would probably be a bit easier, but you would still find it difficult to find an exact time because some people would learn quickly and others slowly. You would end up choosing a timescale that seems reasonable and during which most people seem able to learn how to make a TV. But we are not making televisions, we are dealing with something far more “fluid” and that is people. Both students and patients vary enormously in their approach and receptiveness to different things. They also have moods and good and bad days, changing circumstances etc etc. Some may understand concepts quickly, others struggle until they can apply them practically. Some may work brilliantly with patients who love their company and their energy but need to be helped to make a diagnosis, and so on.

Further to that, I have another question, assuming that everyone believes in good health and safety, beyond that, how do you define an acupuncturist? Is it to do with how much they know about Chinese Medicine, or 5 Elements Acupuncture, or Japanese Acupuncture? is it about their level of practical skills, or their bedside manner, or their counselling skills, or the little massage they include with their treatments. Or is it that they must be Chinese or must have a white coat or must have a good website or the right letters after their name. Do they have to be successful, expensive, or busy, or is it more important that they are caring and compassionate or that they specialize in your condition or helped your friend?

Well, it could be all of the above, but I think you would find it very difficult to find an acupuncturist if it were. Acupuncturists vary enormously and how they work depends on them and their training, their knowledge, their experience (including life experience) their approach, skills and attitudes. People come to acupuncture from all age groups, backgrounds and orientations, these are their unique features. This is what defines an acupuncturist, what makes them special and different. Different acupuncturists will suit different patients, just as different courses and learning styles will suit different students of acupuncture.

How could they possibly all take exactly the same amount of time to train and all be perfectly suited to the same kind of course?

Conclusions: What really matters is that acupuncturists help people. There are lots of good acupuncture courses, and you can look around and find one that suits your style, time, location or other preferences. To read more about our course you can click on the links above including the FAQ’s page.

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