What Has Trump Got To Do With It?

Here I am on a blog about acupuncture and alternative health putting Donald Trump into the headline, is it just to catch your eye? Well, regular readers will know that I do not see acupuncture as an isolated subject in its own right. If you subscribe to a holistic view of life and the natural flow of energy how could you? Nothing exists in isolation, everything is connected and interrelated, and for that reason, Donald Trump is absolutely relevant to a blog about alternative healthcare.

Everyone knows the world is going through a time of great change, it’s all around us: politically, economically, environmentally, in the media, in technology, and the ways we communicate. There is a lot to be afraid of and also a lot to be hopeful about. But the pace of change is so fast it is overwhelming for many of us. One thing I am clear on is that its no good hanging on to the past. We need to be ready to challenge every assumption and belief we have in light of the rapid changes taking place. Take for example Darwin’s theory of evolution and what it says about the “survival of the fittest”. It has long been accepted as the “truth” but did you know that has been disproven? Competition is not the key to survival, it turns out that cooperation is. Do we really think that to continue to compete with each other for the world’s resources, squander them, and hope to “Make America Great again” is going to work as a long-term survival strategy?

Donald Trump is the antithesis of all that is good, he is about the most objectionable and uncooperative person on the planet who just happens to also be the president of a dying empire. He got there through lies and deceit. Trump’s electoral success (and brexit here in the UK) represent the desperate hopes of people who are lost, fearful and confused and cannot embrace change. This is to look back rather than forward and to dream of returning to an age of simplicity and clarity that probably never existed. The only positive thing to say about Trump is that he may be accelerating the pace of change at such a rate that a big implosion and reset may come sooner rather than later. How that actually pans out we will not know until it happens.

All of us need to embrace change and to see ourselves and the world differently. Nothing is not relevant to this including our attitude towards health and health care. That’s our own health, our patients’ health and the health of the planet which are ultimately one and the same.

I suggest that we think globally while working to do good locally.

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