Synchronicity & Your Acupuncture Practice

Coincidental and synchronistic type events and insights are very valuable tools if you can recognise them as such. The thing about such events is that they are not subject to filtering by your rational mind. This is why people who are very rational sometimes find it difficult to take them seriously and tend to discount them. We probably all have the capacity for these insights but the art is in being able to recognise them for what they are if and when they occur. If you have an insight about someone or how to conduct their treatment that you know is real then you are being prompted. For example you might be having a conversation about an old friend of the family who has recently had a thyroid problem. A week later you are about to meet a patient you don’t know and as they walk through the door you suddenly and spontaneously remember that conversation. This is a hint or a clue to tell you they may also have a thyroid issue or something that links them to your family friend. Or you might be reading about a case where a certain acupuncture point was used one day and then it seems to be the best point for all your patients the next. Exactly how this happens is unique and different for each person. So the art of using it is not to overthink or analyse it too much but to accept it as a gift when it happens. We have to let go of our tendency to want to rationalise, justify, explain and understand everything. There are no hard and fast rules, but I do suggest that if you are fortunate enough to have these insights and they feel right it is sensible to listen to them.
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