Study hours

On our Online+24 course, supervised hours are a minimum of 112 hours (16 days) including clinical practice at the end of the course.

In the clinic students practice for some of the time and observe other students as well.

The self-study online is a minimum of 110 hours.

Total undergraduate acupuncture course hours are 222 hours.

If you decide to continue and include the postgraduate course and clinic the total number of course hours are: 333 hours.

However, this should be considered as an absolute minimum and most of our students do a lot more when self study and practice time are included.

Students are encouraged to meet and practice skills together between sessions.


Teaching Programme - Outline


  • The History of Acupuncture: Theoretical & Philosophical Perspectives
  • Healing with Acupuncture, using various styles and developments.
  • 5 Element Acupuncture: Developing elemental awareness, the skills and ability to use this in acupuncture practice. The officials and the energetic nature of elements. Learning traditional 5E protocols.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): Learning key concepts and theory of TCM for the purposes of acupuncture practice. Including Zang Fu, 3 Treasures, 6 Divisions, Qi, Organs, Channels etc.
  • Acupuncture Points Theory: Types of Point, the nature and energy of points, functions and creative uses of key acupuncture points.
  • Health & Safety: Referrals, Notes, Drugs, Legal Obligations, Insurance, Premises, Ethical Issues etc.
  • Diagnosis: and Treatment Planning using information obtained through a variety of skills and using that effectively in a clinic setting.


  • Pulse Taking: Identify types of Pule, Diagnosis with Pulse.
  • Tongue Diagnosis: Identifying key features and meanings.
  • Acupuncture Point Location: Practical application of locating, sensing and using acupuncture points.
  • Needling: Needle safety, Needle techniques and development of practical and energetic awareness and needling skills.
  • Clinic Skills: Cupping skills and use of heat and moxibustion, B.P testing etc.
  • Palpating Skills: and healing skills for treatment and diagnosis.
  • Basic Massage techniques to compliment acupuncture.
  • Treatment of real patients in a clinical setting.


Students are understandably always concerned about exams and we aim to schedule these into the course in a way that gives enough time for preparation.

Please see the Exams page for details.


Once you have completed our acupuncture course and passed all the relevant assessments, you will graduate with a Certification of Competence to Practice and be included in our register. This will enable you to obtain insurance and work legally as an acupuncture therapist in the UK. This may or may not be acceptable in other countries and potential students are advised to research this in advance.

Note that enrolment on our acupuncture course will not normally qualify you for a student visa in the UK as this is a part-time course.

Outcomes and CPD

Graduates will be able to work as professional acupuncturists having developed and gained knowledge, practical skills and practitioner awareness. This will enable them to take a case, make a diagnosis and then plan and carry out effective acupuncture treatments whilst observing all relevant legal and safety issues.

Although we are proud of our course as a good way to get started with acupuncture this is obviously just the beginning. Being in practice for a period of time will enhance your skills as you research cases and learn. Most people also feel the need for extra study and there are all kinds of CPD opportunities available including study in China. We actively encourage all students to continue to develop themselves and they create their own individual brand of acupuncture practice. There are no two acupuncturists in the world who are exactly the same and we embrace this as it is our belief that acupuncture is ultimately a healing art reflecting the spiritual dynamics of our lives on Earth.

From time to time students who have attended 3-year courses costing a lot of money and requiring a lot of work are critical of our course claiming that our practitioners cannot be safe. Whenever we have challenged this and asked for clarification as to why it has become obvious that there is absolutely no evidence to support this claim. Our students are trained to a high standard in health and safety and tested by an independent examiner.


Postgraduate Study (Theory & Practical)

Once you have graduated and obtained your certificate you will have completed the course enabling you to insure yourself and practice acupuncture. But many of our students wish to contine with us and do their postgraduate studies as well.

Ear Acupuncture,

Cosmetic Acupuncture,

Gynaecology, Fertility, Pregnancy

Extended Clinical Practice

Treating Cancer

Building your practice

Additional Points & Techniques

See the Postgraduate Course page for more detail

Some of the Postgraduate days are also open to participants from other colleges. Please enquire if you have graduated elsewhere and this interests you.