Popular questions asked online about acupuncture

Here are some of Googles most popular questions with our answers.

How long does it take to train as an acupuncturist?
Between 2 weekends and 4 years. People who are already doctors train for about 4 days to become members of the BMAS. Physiotherapists train for about a year (Part-time) in addition to their physio training. For people with no direct previous experience, the minimum is usually a year (Part-time) on a course like ours or to train in a hospital in China. For those who want a degree and to join either the BAcC or the ATCM it takes 3 years (These courses qualify as full-time typically this is 4 days attendance a month). Courses that include herbal medicine usually take up to 4 years. All these people will use the title acupuncturist and are able to insure themselves to work in the UK.

What qualifications are required to become an acupuncturist?
Actually, believe it or not there is no law to stop anyone doing acupuncture in the UK. However, you would be pretty silly to visit someone who had not done at least basic training in theory and health and safety and who had not insured themselves.

How much does it cost to train?
From a few hundred pounds to upwards of £30,000. Our course currently costs £4400 + materials.

Are acupuncturists doctors?
Some are, but most are not. Don’t assume that doctors or Chinese people are naturally the best choice for an acupuncturist. There are so many different types of acupuncture and different people doing it that you need to do your own research or better still get a personal recommendation.

What is a good price for acupuncture?
It depends on where you are, who is treating you, how long treatments last and what kind of clinic setting they are in. However, you should be able to get a good one hour “one on one” (not multi-bed, which is cheaper) acupuncture treatment for around £40. If acupuncture is offered for less than £25 or over £100 I suggest asking why before you accept it.

How much do acupuncturists make?
It varies so much and many people work part-time, but at one end of the scale it’s next to nothing and at the other probably over £100k.

What do you wear when you have acupuncture?
Wear underwear you are happy to undress down to, and loose clothing if possible. We cannot needle through clothing so if you can roll up trousers, remove socks etc, its easier for all.

Can acupuncture help with XYZ condition?
Yes, probably since acupuncture can help with most things, but ask the acupuncturist you are considering if they think they can help and to what extent. If in doubt, ask a few because every acupuncturist is different.

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