Old Fave Sp6 (acupuncture point)

We were discussing points and their functions at the college the other day and came to discuss what often appears to be TCM’s favourite point Sp6 – Three Yin Crossing. As you may know this is a point on the leg where 3 main meridians meet (Kidney/Spleen/Liver). I have noticed that almost every point prescription seems to include it and also that almost everyone who has acupuncture says that their practitioner used it for their treatment. When you read through its functions, you begin to see why. It not only effects Spleen function and the middle and lower abdomen as regards digestion. But also serves to treat menstrual issues, reproductive problems, urinary problems and issues involving the heart like anxiety and insomnia as well. you end up wondering why we need to learn so many acupuncture points at all when this one does so much?

This reminds me that acupuncture points do what we expect them to do and that it is ultimately our relationship with the points and their familiarity that make them effective. Experienced practitioners I have observed use only a few points most of the time but are able to do a lot of different things with them.

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