New Testimonials

A big thankyou to Flo and all our lovely students who graduated this November. Many are coming back for the postgraduate course and we look forward to seeing them in February. This will be for more clinical practice, fertility acupuncture, Cosmetic acupuncture, Ear Acupuncture, Electro acupuncture and for talks on treating cancer and marketing their practice.
below are the testimonials they gave:

Madeline: “This course is a great way to get started and have a strong
understanding of acupuncture. It’s a great course, and for the
knowledge and care that you gain, it’s offered at a great cost.”

Stuart: “This fast-track course is a great balance of theory and
practical. The online material is very good and comprehensive.”

Anon: “I loved every weekend going to practice a needle what we
learned during the month. It was interesting and exciting, getting
hands-on experience from the start helped to get over any fear about
needing points. I was fascinated throughout and so pleased I’ve

Cecelia: “I think this course is worth doing. It’s great quality and
prepares you for real work. I love it and totally recommend it.”

Theo: “Jamie is a very kind and competent teacher. His approach to
educating made me feel at ease, never inadequate, and kept me always
intrigued to hear what he had to say about any doubts. His way of
teaching felt in line with the principles and purpose of Chinese
medicine. It felt like a calm and loving space to learn and develop.”

Megan: “The course is well-structured and balanced, offering a chance
to learn Five Element and TCM acupuncture in a short time period.
Jamie is a wonderful teacher.”

Caroline: “Jamie’s capacity to instantly strip down the material to a
manageable, accessible level and the quality of ease to understand in
the classroom is remarkable.

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