Needling News

I added a couple of new videos talking about acupuncture needle skills yesterday which are available here on Youtube. There are lots of needle styles of course and I teach a couple of basic ones in keeping with my belief that we should keep things simple so long as there is no good reason to do otherwise. Needling is not a mystical art most of the time its just about doing a bit of practice. We need to develop the physical skills of smooth needling first and as we practice them we will quickly begin to develop an awareness of qi.

Qi awareness is really something to experience rather than something I can write much about, but what I can say is that it does not take years and years to develop it. I see students who are well aware of qi after only half a dozen treatments. How we feel qi is unique not only to every practitioner but also to every patient and every dynamic. But essentially is is about a sense of having made contact at an energetic level rather than just a physical level. Once we feel that we are able to learn how to direct the qi using our intention which we enhance through the procedures of different needle techniques. The techniques involve things like needle depth, angle, speed of insertion and the turning of the needle once it is in place.

More on this another day. Jamie.

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