Intention or Points – Or both?

I did two short videos on St36 recently. It’s probably acupunctures best known point, and certainly one that most practitioners will use on a very regular basis. It got me asking the same question that I find myself asking quite often: “How much of the efficacy of acupuncture is about the theory/diagnosis and how much is about the intention?” There is no easy answer to this question, and as always it is essentially a matter of opinion. Since it’s my contention that most acupuncture is actually about practitioner development and intent, I’d say that most of the time intent is most of it. Others would say that adhering to tradition, fully understanding theory and implementing it in a serious and disciplined way is more important. But is that not just another way of developing intention? We know that there are many branches of acupuncture, and we know that they all work, which is one of the main reasons I have concluded for myself that acupuncture training is really a method of self development. For some this may be academia, for others doing TaiQi and for others seeing aura’s or even possibly a combination of these. But the net result is in many ways similar, in that the practitioner becomes a healer through the medium of the way they relate to what they learn and then put into practice. It is very important that we get St36 in the right place, that we build a relationship with the point whereby we can feel its Qi. We need to understand and feel its effectiveness and how it works, to build up experience of using the point, and then monitor its effects on the pulse and through feedback. But as I show on the video, not everyone puts it in the same place! This shows again that an acupuncture point exists as Qi that a patient has and that is running through their bodies, but also as something that the practitioner relates to, feels and even creates within the treatment dynamic.

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