How Special is Water?

Water is very special and in fact, its hard to overemphasise how special it is. Without water, there would be no life because life was born out of water and water forms the matrix to sustain life. Our body contains more water than anything else and this is why everyone knows about the importance of hydration now. Some people say that almost all headaches are either directly due to dehydration or that it is a significant contributory factor. But it has also become clear that in some cases even when people do drink enough water they are still not hydrated properly, why not?

Well, it may due to the body’s ability to hydrate using the water you drink and that may depend upon the water itself. If you are interested in energy (Qi) and energetic imprinting just give a moments thought to where water comes from. Down miles of pipes, through pumping stations, past electricity cables, through storage tanks etc. Then it has chlorine added and of course, it also contains all kinds of impurities including hormones and heavy metals. Compare that to the water our distant ancestors drank and remember that in terms of evolution our bodies have not really changed that much in the last few hundred thousand years. We evolved drinking clean, pure, energised water, not this stuff coming out of our taps now.

Although science thinks it knows all about water it does not, which explains why it can’t understand or accept the efficacy of homoeopathy. Water has many mysterious, wonderful and unique qualities including the ability to take on human emotion and feelings and to remember them. So unless your water is coming fresh down a mountain in a stream from the clouds and the rain it may well contain the energetic or emotional imprint of other humans.

I know this may sound a bit far-fetched or “out there’  for some but I’m giving this consideration. I think that people who find themselves very sensitive to emotion and energy generally should try “structured water”. This comes either from a natural source up a mountain (not if it has been put in a plastic bottle though, water picks from up everything it is contained in) or by putting the water through a process to change its structure. Devices to do this are available, we have ordered one and I’ll report on my experience with it another time.

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