How much does it cost to study acupuncture?

The first acupuncture colleges opened their doors here in the UK in the 1960s. There were originally two, one established by J.R.Worsley and another by Dr. J.D. Van Buren. The early courses were shorter than they are now, often lasting for only a few weeks or months. In the current era, we have a much wider choice and most courses run over three or four years. But there are also other options such as our one year course available. A typical three-year course qualifies as full time (actually they are often run on weekends) and students obtain either a diploma or a university degree. Students who graduate from these courses can join one of the two best-known acupuncture organisations if they so wish. Most of the courses do qualify for student loans and cost in the region of £20-30k.
Shorter courses in acupuncture are also available and many colleges, like ours, are taking strides to move a lot of the learning materials online. This offers many advantages in terms of flexibility and cost. It means that we are able to offer a complete one year course in acupuncture for around £6k where students work online and then attend 12 weekends over a year.
Graduates from shorter courses have exactly the same legal status and in many cases are just as busy and successful as graduates from the longer courses. Since the greatest concern of any college must be that its graduates are safe to practice we are very thorough in our safety training. The general standard of acupuncture safety in the UK is good, a fact reflected in the very reasonable insurance rates available to our graduates and others.
The shorter format with less frequent attendance requirements opens acupuncture study up to people who cannot commit to the time, schedule and costs normally associated with a qualification in acupuncture. Ultimately the three-year courses and the shorter courses should not be directly compared because they are suitable for different kinds of student. If you would like to know more about our course and to find out if it is right for you please have a read through our FAQ’s and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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