Find An Acupuncturist

Find An Acupuncturist

The Acupuncture & Healing Practitioners Register

This is a complete list of college graduates but it has been updated only as our practitioners request that we do so. This means that those practitioners who have provided practice details are the ones most likely to be available for treatments. Graduates who have supplied contact details confirm that they have current public liability insurance and are registered to practice in the UK.

London & South East

Sharon Kent CertAc AHPR Sharon graduated from the course in 2008. Previously she lived in Japan for 5 years and was one of the first Shiatsu practitioners in the UK when she returned. She lives and works in Shoreham East Sussex and is a beauty therapist, masseur and now an acupuncturist as well. She has also attended Jamie’s Facial Revitalisation course and assists at the college with point location. Contact Sharon on 07957 203907.

Andrew Mead CertAc AHPR Andrew is a busy practitioner of Tui-Na and sports massage working mostly at Champneys in Hertfordshire where he treats up to 15 patients a day. He has a background in martial arts training which gave him an awareness of “qi” and the acupuncture points. Since completing the course Andrew has already found that his new skills have greatly improved the range of his treatments. Contact Andrew on 01582 490502

Dominic Clark BSc Hons, CertAc AHPR. Dominic works in West Sussex his website   is: e-mail tel: 07971932860 He is skilled in Sports Medicine and acupuncture and says: “I would be happy to be contacted by any potential students who wanted to speak to someone who had completed the course”

Jane Langridge CertAc AHPR Kent “Gentle Touch” Jane uses Japanese style needling to make her treatments subtle and painless. Tel 07966525273

Robert Donkers CertAc AHPR Robert runs a clinic in North London where he practises Acupuncture as well as many forms of massage (Holistic, Sports, Thai, Facial and more).  Robert has also studied Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture with Jamie and Fertility & Pregnancy Acupuncture with Sarah Matheson.  He can be contacted at or on 07912 357 179

Justin Johnson CertAc AHPR Justin Runs a clinic in North London Acupuncture is Justin’s main therapy, having studied Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture and Auricular Acupuncture with Jamie Hedger and Fertility & Pregnancy Acupuncture with Sarah Matheson at HAC. He has also studied Spinal Acupuncture with Paul Robin at the College of Chinese Medicine. Justin has also qualified in Holistic and Deep Tissue Massage which he is developing and using in conjunction with Acupuncture.  Justin can be contacted at or on 07860 786 381.

Jamie Hedger CertAc AHPR Bath, use the contact page to mail Jamie.

Martin Nutt CertAc AHPR Martin attended HAC in Bath and is a member of the Acupuncture Society of Professional Oriental Therapists, he runs a practice from his home in Leyton East London. For years Martin has had a strong interest in ancient China; its people, its culture and their understanding of the power of alternative treatments.  Having studied martial arts in the past and discovered the positive effect of wellbeing on mind and body, he is an advocate of the healing properties of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Tel: 07958-602227 Email:

Emma Lavelle CertAc AHPR Brighton: Facebook

Helena Sterne Oxford:  Facebook

Emma Morley CertAc AHPR Somerset:

Manprit Chauhan CertAc AHPR

Jane Bradshaw CertAc AHPR Essex

Rose Hadley CertAc AHPR 

Diane Corney CertAc AHPR

Shona Mc Stravick CertAc AHPR

Reuben Chinniah CertAc AHPR

Mira Britton CertAc AHPR Surrey

Olga Andres – Moreno CertAc AHPR London

Evonne Heffer CertAc AHPR

Dr W Yanny CertAc AHPR Harpenden Herts

Paul Russell CertAc AHPR Hawkhurst

Dr Ian Johnson CertAc AHPR Isle of Wight

Gurdip Khera CertAc AHPR

Fabian Higgins CertAc AHPR

Rob Blackburn CertAc AHPR Lewis

Laurence Maher CertAc AHPR

Tara Kennedy CertAc AHPR Hove 07590216040

South West of England & Wales

Tracey Beckett CertAc AHPR

Kim Dowdell CertAc AHPR

Cynthia Garroway Smith CertAc AHPR

Joanie Solani CertAc AHPR

Julie Robinson CertAc AHPR

Pat Bowker CertAc AHPR Wales

Urusula le kock Jewell CertAc AHPR Devon

Shaun Sabin CertAc AHPR Malvern

Peta Trousdell FAoR, CertAc AHPR, BA (Hons) 

Emma Morley CertAc AHPR Somerset

Sam Martin CertAc AHPR Frome

Jo Cone CertAc AHPR Bath

Ruth Freeman CertAc AHPR

Lisa Vaughn CertAc AHPR


East of England

Jacqui Wood CertAc AHPR Norfolk

Anna Colman-Wilson CertAc AHPR Suffolk Anna brings her skills in body work and Yoga to complement acupuncture

Jo Banthorpe CertAc AHPR Suffolk, Jo has completed extra studies in fertility, facial and 5 Element acupuncture she has a nice website:

Sandie Thomas  CertAc AHPR

Juliet Seconde CertAc AHPR


Central England Wales & Midlands

Catherine Collett CertAc AHPR Oxfordshire

Emma Guy CertAc AHPR Northwich CW8 4EE. Telephone 08000517688 or see website at

Simone Gilliatt CertAc AHPR. Simone is an experienced and well trained massage and bodyworks therapist. She holds a degree in Healing Arts & Dance and is certified in Massage, Muscle Activation, Acupuncture and is a Reiki Master. She works as a freelance therapist, yoga instructor, dance teacher and birth assistant and uses her many skill to create holistic sessions encouraging health and balance through empowerment. She works from Clun in Shropshire, and occasionally in Bristol and Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire. If you would like to book an appointment or have any other queries contact 07960499894 or go to Now Centre on FaceBook

Jill Jones CertAc AHPR


North of England, Scotland & Ireland

Lesley Evans CertAc AHPR  Hartlepool

Steven Armstrong CertAc AHPR / MMQ  Steven lives and works in Clogher, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. In addition to his CertAc he has a Masters degree in Medical Qigong (MMQ) and has also completed the Facial Revitalisation course with Jamie. He practices acupuncture with the integration of Medical Qigong in his treatments. Steven assists at the college with point location skills. Phone 0044 75 0219 4907   Email:

Colette Channon CertAc AHPR Southern Ireland, Dublin

Helen Bowman Cert Ac AHPR Yorkshire YO42 1YJ 07710 853 914

Janvier Pechi CertAc AHPR Yorkshire

Alta Little CertAc AHPR, Scotland

Jim Hulse CertAc AHPR, The Eastern Practice Ltd in Stoke on Trent

Gary Osbaldeston CertAc AHPR Rochdale

Sierra Maynard CertAc AHPR


Europe & Beyond

Andy Innes CertAc AHPR Austria/Vietnam

Vanessa de Sousa CertAc AHPR Portugal

Helen Lockwood Lunn CertAc AHPR, South of Spain

There are apoproximately 10 more graduates of the college who are not currently on the register due to retirement or changes in circumstances.