Cosmetic Acupuncture Day

A quick reminder to anyone considering our Cosmetic Acupuncture Day that we will be running again on 8th August in Bath. This is open to acupuncture students and practitioners who wish to add this extra skill to their repertoire.

Theory: How Cosmetic Acupuncture forms part of your practice and draws on the underlying principles of holistic medicine.

Show and discuss: Tools and equipment including electro-acupuncture machines, derma rollers, oils etc.

Demonstration: The full procedure on a patient including use of specialised equipment and Tui-Na face massage.

Practical: Students practice on one another.

Certificate: of attendance.

Cost: £125.

Do you want to join an acupuncture course that will include Cosmetic Acupuncture? Click here to download our guide to training and sign up for future mailings.


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