Changes for 2020 at HAC – We are going Online+

We are moving with trends in education at HAC to bring the course into a more modern format. Here is what we are doing and why:

  1. We are moving to a one weekend per month attending format – except in the final 4 weeks when students will attend bi-weekly for the clinics. This is because many people have requested a weekend format and that attending days are less frequent. Obviously this will not suit everyone but feedback we have had suggests that more people are able to do this than any other schedule. We have still scheduled around public holidays as best we can and will not run any attending classes in August or December.
  2. We are reducing the number of attending days to 16 and moving a lot of the academic content online. This reduces travel and costs for students and enables people to fit their learning around their lives. Jamie has already done a lot of work producing videos and written content for the new course that will be ready to start in March.
  3. Attending days will be 90% practical. Students will be well prepared for their weekends of attendence having already worked through most of the content in advance. Each module completed in advance of the weekend will include video demonstrations, required reading and a mini test.
  4. The Course will be clearly structured. The entire course and learning guide is clearly set out in the course portal. This means students will always know in advance exactly what is coming and when. They will also know exactly what reading is required and what assignments they need to prepare for. The modules will be made available to enrolled students each month as the course progresses and they will also be able to refer back to the previous ones (until 30 days after the course finishes).
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