Needling News

I added a couple of new videos talking about acupuncture needle skills yesterday which are available here on Youtube. There are lots of needle styles of course and I teach a couple of basic ones in keeping with my belief that we should keep things simple so long as there is no good reason to …

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Let there be light

Light is so important to human beings and we can probably all identify with the way in which our mood can change dependent upon the amount of light there is. Such as on the first sunny day of spring or when we walk into a room with a large window and a sunny aspect. Or …

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Inner Talk CD’s

Inner talk CD’s are subliminal recordings of affirmations that you play in the background. We have found them really very effective for children and to a lesser extent for adults as well. You put one on quietly in their bedroom whilst they are asleep and the changes can be quite dramatic. For example our son …

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