Are You a Massage Therapist? – Add Acupuncture

Massage therapists know how effective massage can be and also that most people are quick to express a desire to be massaged. It has all kinds of thereputic effects including muscle & mind relaxation and improved flow of blood and lymph. But there are times when every therapy has its limitations. Times when something else would be more effective at that time and for that patient. So although massage may well be helping someone with depression or bone degeneration its likely that something else used alongside the massage would make it much more effective. One possability is acupuncture, it often complements massage very well because it works primarally on a persons “energy” or Qi and massage works primarally on their physical body. The theory behind acupuncture is very interesting and inspiring and it helps you to understand yourself and others better. Put it together with massage you just might have a winning formula.

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