Are There Too Many Acupuncturists?

At first glance, it would appear that there are enough acupuncturists touting for patients already. Bristol is quite near where I live, and it’s a direct train ride to one of the biggest acupuncture colleges in the country in Reading. Many of their newly qualified acupuncturists are very tech-savvy with websites and fancy Facebook profiles, etc. All this competition means that it is difficult for some new graduates to get started, doesn’t it? Well, its difficult to say, not everyone advertises online. In fact, some of the busiest acupuncturists I know never advertise and don’t even have an internet presence. This is because everyone is different, and some work through networking or a process of osmosis over time to generate new patients. Some, of course, don’t make it, and they go away and do something else after acupuncture because they are not suited to building a practice even when they are good practitioners. All this poses questions, and I’m going to put forward a couple of points in order to explain why, despite this, I think we do need more acupuncturists and people training in acupuncture.

First, in practical terms can we really continue with health services as they are. Can we continue with a system where half the population either do not take their health seriously or do not know how to (especially when up against all kinds of vested interests who benefit financially from their disease)? When these people get ill they end up at their doctors, on medication and then at the hospital. As money gets ever tighter (because an elite few super-rich people have most of it as the global monetary/fiscal system is broken) more skilled people leave the service, and it deteriorates further and further. In view of this we should remember that acupuncture is an holistic practice, it encourages people to look at all aspects of their lives and to take personal responsibility. A good consultation includes a conversation about diet, lifestyle, environment (toxins/ moulds etc) and emotional balance. Much of what we do is to help people become aware of things they may not know are important for their health.
Next, in spiritual terms. Global consciousness is real, and we are all tied to it and inexorably linked to it whether we acknowledge that or not. Human beings do not exist in isolation, they are part of oneness, wholeness, Dao or God (you choose which language best suits you). Let’s face it this planet and life upon it is not looking too healthy at the moment, the planet has cancer and it’s called humanity. By making people aware of holism, of Qi, of personal responsibility and of the emotional and spiritual aspects of their lives we are working to rebalance this. Everyone who trains in acupuncture or who has acupuncture or even meets someone else who is doing so is potentially lifted by this. We should never forget that the ultimate level of healing is spiritual/conscious, and that acupuncture is a great medium to take us in that direction.
So yes, more awareness of acupuncture, more people training in acupuncture, more people thinking about holism, personal responsibility, and consciousness, even if it’s only in a small way it makes for a better world.

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