Inner Talk CD’s

Inner talk CD’s are subliminal recordings of affirmations that you play in the background. We have found them really very effective for children and to a lesser extent for adults as well. You put one on quietly in their bedroom whilst they are asleep and the changes can be quite dramatic. For example our son …

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Acupuncture Safety

Acupuncture has a very good safety record and this is reflected in low insurance costs. The cost of insuring yourself to practice acupuncture in the UK is about £150 a year and this is the same whether you have a certificate from a five-year degree course, a one-year part-time course or possibly an even shorter …

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There is a saying from one of classic Chinese Medicine texts “all pain comes from the heart” and this probably alludes to the fact that the heart as “supreme controller” reaches everywhere within our lives. Since from a CM perspective the spirit resides in the heart it is from there that we relate to consciousness …

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