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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Qualification will I get?

We are a BAF registered training college and upon completion of the course you will qualify with a diploma at level 4 enabling you to practice. This will enable you to join the acupunctureassociation.

NOW – Upon completion of our advanced course you will be awarded with an advanced diploma. Details

Will I be Able to Earn a good living?

Yes you will, so long as you put the necessary work and commitment into it. People build their practices in their own way. Some are good at networking, some are expert marketers, others just attract patients through word of mouth. There is no doubt that there are people “out there” who need acupuncture. So long as you have a plan for how you intend to build your practice and you work hard you can earn money through acupuncture.

How Much Does it Cost? – Our Acupuncture Training Costs are fully explained here

What about Energy & Spiritual Development?

Too right, we are never going to let you forget what acupuncture is really about. Theory and achedemia are one part of the training but you are the other. It is the unique relationship that we have with Qi (energy) and how we develop it that really matters in acupuncture. We need to bring that uniqueness into a thereputic relationship with our patients. Thats where the real magic/healing happens and thats why we are called the Healing & Acupuncture College.

Who Can Do the Course – Are there Entry Requirements?

We welcome people from all walks of life. Students need to be over 21 and have some life/work experience, but our basic policy is to be open to all wherever possible. If in doubt please ask or maybe even come and see us if we have a course running. We will see what we can do for you. However, please note that we no longer accept applicants who plan to practice in our local (Bath) area.

How Do You Cover All the Material in so Little Time?

We cover less material than a 3 year course and we do not do a research project as they do. The HAC courses are not attempting to compete with or bear direct comparison to any other course and we are proud of what we offer. It is an alternative way where we cover what is directly relevant to daily practice. Our courses includes core theoretical material, sufficient Western medicine theory for health and safety, and fewer points. Our online + format means that students have ample time for self study and reflection in addition to the time they spend with us. This will give a thorough grounding in the subject and include the all important clean needle health and safety acupuncture training. We focus on skills, practice and common sense to bring you to a point where you can practice safely and with confidence and competence. Of course that is still the beginning since you never stop learning and we always encourage our graduates to do further study. We encourage students who have the time and resources to continue onto our advanced programme.

Note that since the home study time is expected to match the attending time (as a minimum) the actual course time is approximately 32 days.

Can I Work Outside The UK?

There is no nationally or internationally recognized qualification in acupuncture. Therefore no matter what qualification you have there will always be different requirements. We know that our qualification is acceptable in the UK & Ireland (post Brexit) but you will need to investigate exactly what the requirements are in your country if you intend to work outside the UK.

Is The Course Recognised by the NHS or in Law?

Although acupuncture is used occasionally within the NHS it is unusual. There is no acupuncture qualification of any kind that is officially recognized although some doctors do a course with the BMAS (a short course open only to doctors and WM professionals) allowing them to treat NHS patients. Unfortunately the BMAS qualification is the only one generally accepted by the larger private medical insurance firms. However this is changing slowly as the BAF/AA are making great progress on expanding the number of insurance companies who recognise our members.

Does the Course Run Anywhere Other than In Bath?

Not at the moment but the flexible format means we may do so in the future

What about more Advanced Studies?

We run the advanced course offering further acupuncture training and encourage students to attend CPD events elsewhere once they graduate. We also offer occasional seminars on subjects like Tung acupuncture which will fulfil your AA CPD requirements.

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