Acupuncture & Modern Conditions

We know that acupuncture is an ancient tradition, and we know that we are using it in a modern context, but does it always fit? In ancient China they had no “immune system” no “thyroid gland” no “adrenals” and probably not even “high blood pressure”. In their environment they had no Emfs (electro magnetic fields) no heavy metals, no toxic chemicals, no “junk” food or refined sugar and the air contained more oxygen. So it seems unlikely that it’s always going to be possible to make a simple diagnosis that will address all the problems associated with these factors.

This is what I like about ear acupuncture to complement body acupuncture and other relevant approaches to health. Since ear acupuncture was primarily developed in the west (France) in the last century, its theoretical base embraces both Western and Eastern medicine. So there are ear points for “allergy” “prostate” and “thyroid” as well as the more traditional “Kidney” and “Heart”. How nice it is to have something we can use to treat some of those tricky “western” conditions!

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