Acupuncture – Healing & The Coronavirus

Anyone who read about the financial system around the globe knew that it was set for a crash. It was also likely that the trigger for that crash would be a “black swan” event of some kind. Now we have that black swan, its the coronavirus. I suppose it could have been worse, we could have had a nuclear conflict or accident but a global epidemic is up there on the worst possibilities list. This will change everything and there is no point in resisting change as we contemplate a very different life, one part of which could be the end of money as we know it.

Prevention & Care with Acupuncture:
Our basic CM theory tells us that life is about Qi and the movement of Qi. Qi flows through us and all around us and the better and more smoothly it flows the more balanced, harmonised and healthy we are. You could say that our life experiences are about Qi going out of harmony and the way we respond to that. It’s alternatively expressed as the constant flux of Yin/Yang as they move into and out of one another. The coronavirus is one of those experiences that threaten to disrupt the harmonious flow of Qi and how we respond to that will depend upon the state of our Qi when we meet it. So as acupuncturists we need to do all we can to strengthen and harmonise Qi. The stronger our Qi the stronger our immunity, especially our lung Qi. This is why exercises like QiGong are such a good idea. The lungs lead the Qi and descend it to be grasped and held by the Kidneys, this is the foundation of inner strength and resilience. Of course, in practice, we would always seek to strengthen Qi at its weakest point in order to best serve a person’s overall need and restore and maintain balance.
As a general tonic simple prescriptions like regular massage, moxa or needling of St36 are good for someone with no obvious weakness. Or as a support to the body overall while doing other treatments. Cupping is also worthy of consideration, to help the lungs expel a pathogen before it penetrates any deeper into the body.
However, Qi is more than that because it is also influenced by our emotional and mental state. Nothing blocks Qi as quickly as emotions like fear, preoccupation, worry, anxiety and guilt. During times of stress such as now, watching the news has the potential to induce a lot of fear and anxiety and we must appreciate that this can drastically compromise our immunity. Gratitude and staying positive, looking on the bright side, thinking of others, accepting things that we can’t change and being “present” are really important at times like this. If we are treating others then encouraging them to see a wider perspective and to be grateful for what they do have and can do for themselves will help as well.
I spoke to one man who was a healer, he had a natural gift and had been healing since he was a child. He said that when he caught a cold he would accept it into his body unconditionally, fully and without any judgement, fear or opposition. He would simply observe the process as his body met the bug and recognised it. He had no desire that it would go away or dread of the potential it had to make him ill. Consequently most colds he had lasted about 15 minutes. This is an extreme example but it shows what the body is capable of when Qi is harmonised and there is no resistance.
Diet & Supplements
We can also do the best for ourselves through diet since 80% of your immune system resides in your gut. The way your body is absorbing and processing nutrients is an important aspect of how gut health protects you from illness. For people with chronic health conditions like diabetes or autoimmune diseases, do explore taking pre and probiotics to increase healthy gut bacteria to increase your immunity.
Selenium, in the form of brazil nuts. Selenium plays an important role in the health of your immune system.
Vitamin D3 daily to keep your immune system in good shape.
Zinc and Echinacea are known to help prevent the onset of colds.
Elderberry extract (such as Samucol), are rich in antioxidant polyphenols that support the lung and immune function and may protect against the flu.
Onions and garlic both contain the same compound – allicin, that gives garlic its famous infection-fighting qualities. Garlic is thought to have anti-microbial properties that may help the immune system fight viral infections and it is packed with antioxidants.
Colloidal silver (available in spray form) is an ancient remedy that was once used to boost the immune system and to treat bacterial, viral and fungal infections.
Treating Coronavirus with Acupuncture
Clearly the first thing we must do if we suspect coronavirus is to follow government and NHS guidelines. This may be self-isolation or calling a doctor or hospital. But supposing they are not available and it is life-threatening? We may be forced into a situation where we have to do something in order to save life. If someone has a very high fever then we might consider Co4 to expel heat or even bleeding nail points Lu11, Pc9, Ht9, Co1, Si1.
Is there anything good about Coronavirus?
Not immediately but it’s worth observing that human beings (in developed countries) have been on a 50+ year mad rollercoaster ride of environmental and ultimately self-destruction. Air travel, modern farming, consumption, waste, deforestation, etc. None of this is sustainable and we were showing little sign that we intended to stop.
Maybe history will view the coronavirus differently to the way we view it now.
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