Acupuncture by Prescription

I was conditioned to be opposed to doing acupuncture by prescription. It goes against all my instincts and my training, which says that if we are working with holistic medicine we must, by implication, look at the whole case. This system of medicine is about people not conditions, so prescriptions will only offer temporary relief of symptoms at best. My colleagues and I have always looked upon Medical Acupuncture as an inferior version of what we do because it does not work with traditional theory. The point functions are learned in a prescriptive manner, with no acknowledgement of the existence of Qi. Now I hear that you can buy computer software where you type in signs and symptoms to give you a diagnosis and points prescription.

The problem with my long-term opposition to prescriptive acupuncture is to know what to say when someone asks what is wrong with it. I can’t claim it’s unsafe because so long as people are following Health and safety guidelines and proper CNT and the usual guidelines about drugs, pregnancy etc. It clearly is not. I can’t claim that it does not work because there are too many people who say it has worked for them. I can’t even claim superiority for another system because it is all very subjective and open to interpretation. So, frankly, I’ve decided that it’s about time to accept that there is nothing wrong with a bit of prescriptive acupuncture. In fact, if we are honest about it a lot of acupuncture is prescriptive anyway, we just don’t say so. Becoming an effective acupuncturist is mostly about confidence and a feel for Qi gained through practice. Why can’t prescriptive acupuncture be a way in for people who wish to start off simply? I think it would be silly not to acknowledge this.

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