Acupuncture by App?

When I was a student over 25 years ago there were very few books about acupuncture and certainly no websites or apps. One college in particular was very sniffy about any kind of technology being applied to it, suggesting that to do so would in some way obstruct the “purity” of treatment and the flow of Qi. We were even discouraged from much needle practice on the basis that inserting needles without assessing a persons case and the state of their Qi might be harmful. 

But we have moved on a long way since then. Acupuncture has become much more popular and accepted, and it is generally recognized that there are many different ways to do it. Recently one of my graduates recommended an app called TCM clinic aid, it’s one of many available but has the advantage that it only costs £15. In my view this is welcome, it enhances our potential and does not turn us into acupuncture robots as some may fear. We were treating in the student clinic this week, for example: we had taken a case, made a diagnosis and selected points. When we put one of the patient’s main concerns “belching” into the app, it suggested points we had not considered. This set us off on a train of thought in addition to what we had so far considered, and stimulated a broader and more comprehensive consideration of the condition and the options.


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