Books and DVD’s Recommended for the HAC Course


These are acupuncture books to complement the course and broaden your study. You will probably need to spend between £100-300 on books and equipment. You do not need to purchase all this before you start.  We recommend at least a good TCM text book, a five elements book and a points book as detailed below. Sometimes you can find these books secondhand but they hold their prices quite well.

Materials, you will need:

97809543188401, A TCM Text book like: “Foundations of Chinese Medicine” by Maciocia. Which is the standard textbook in many colleges. Or “The Web that has no Weaver” by Kaptchuk.

2, A book on 5E acupuncture like “The Handbook of Five Element Practice” by Franglen or “Five element constitutional acupuncture” by Hicks/Mole

3, An acupuncture points book like “A Practical Guide To Acu-Points” by Jarmey & Bouratinos or “The Pictorial Atlas of Acupuncture: An Illustrated Manual of Acupuncture Points”.

If you like to access things by smartphone current students are finding the i-phone app from JCM (The Journal of Chinese Medicine) very good because it includes video and information about points.

Video is also useful “How to locate Acupuncture Points” – The Definitive DVD by Silence Speaks.


Needles, Lengths: 13mm,  25mm,  (0.20 gauge)  40mm  (0.25 gauge) approx, Small Sharps box, BP tester (not essential but a good idea), Cotton Wool Balls & Medi Swabs, Massage Oil, Towel, White Coat (not essential) 2 Glass cups + tongs, Folders & forms for keeping patient records/pen.

The college will provide some needles and other essentials at the earlier stages of the course so there is no need to purchase anything yet.

ACI/Cun (Newman) point locator tool is very useful, this may be available from the suppliers below.


Here are some of the firms we use for acupuncture supplies


Dulwich Acupuncture:

Other Resources to Consider are


Japanese Style:

“Meridian Style Acupuncture” – Pirog.

5 Element / Worsley Style acupuncture books:

“Law of the 5 Elements Wall Chart” – Worsley

Point Location

“A Manual of Acupuncture” (TCM) – Deadman/Mazin/Baker (approx £75) Points cards are also available.


“The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine” – Jarrett: some find this too flowery but I really like it, a great blend of TCM/5E & more. Good on the major 5E blocks to treatment too.

“Insights of a Senior Acupuncturist” (TCM) – Miriam Lee: Great book, how to treat everything with just 5 points!

“Auriculotherapy Manual” – Olson: The best ear acupuncture book, Chart also available.