A Points Protocol Liv14 & Lu1

I was chatting about a case to one of the college’s graduates recently. She was speaking about treating one of her patients and explaining the dilemma she had. She said that he was a perfectly happy and reasonably fit 47-year-old man. He was in a relationship, in work and presented with only a small digestive disorder. She described him as really nice to speak to and that she felt a good and genuine connection when looking into his eyes and engaging him in conversation. There was nothing wrong with this and she was wondering what it was that bothered her about him?

So I asked what she meant and she said that in some way she felt that he lacked direction. For example, when she discussed his job he seemed to be doing well, possibly even looking for promotion and happy about it….. but? But he lacked something and after a while, we agreed that it was possibly passion. She also engaged him in a further conversation about his partner and the possibility they might have children. His partner is 40 and keen to do so and his attitude seemed to be that “yes” it would be nice. Again she felt that there was some enthusiasm, motivation, passion, desire or vision that was lacking.

This speaks of wood in terms of elements. It’s a notable thing that anger as an emotion tends to be misunderstood. Yes, inappropriate anger and frustration vented upon those around you is unpleasant and sometimes frightening or destructive. But what about the anger that gets you out of bed in the morning? What about the drive, vision and passion of wood? And don’t we need that passion and drive to move and inspire us to do better and more interesting, creative and exciting things with our lives? Of course, we are all different and have our own ideas about what passion is but to our conversation, this was an observable “inappropriateness”.

I suggested Liv14 and Lu1 in combination. These are points we learn about on the HAC course as we work through the organs/elements and their individual functions and characteristics. Sometimes these points can really help a person who is stuck or blocked in this way and the results can be quite remarkable. What you are doing is to help someone access all the potential they have.

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