A Few thoughts on NADA – ear acupuncture protocol

You may have already heard of the NADA protocol (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) and this is another useful technique for students to consider. Once you have learned how to do this it is not too difficult to expand into more general ear acupuncture if you so wish. You may even want to consider doing the one-week NADA course itself because this covers detox in depth and allows you to join their register. NADA has more universal recognition than any other kind of acupuncture and has been tested and proven to work on terms set by scientists and Western Medical professionals. This means it is funded in prisons and detox centres all over the world. Even if you are not treating drug addicts or think you are not, here is what a wise man said about addiction:

Almost all people are addicts but they may not be aware of their addiction. It may be that they are if they are addicted to a substance like coffee, alcohol or food (sugar). But it is less likely if it is a habit addiction like using social media, work, exercise, tanning, dieting, chasing sexual conquests or even studying Chinese Medicine. But the thing everyone is addicted to is thinking because it’s so normal and so universal we don’t recognise it as such.

NADA is not a cure all for that but it does help withdrawal from substances and it does calm people down. The protocol involves putting five small needles (7mm X 0.20 gauge without guide tubes) into each ear and leaving the person to relax for up to 45 minutes. There are a couple of clear advantages to ear acupuncture including not needing to undress or lie down. Some people have real problems lying on a couch or they may be immobile or in a wheelchair. Another thing about ear acupuncture is that it is an alternative to body acupuncture and it is good to have another option sometimes. Much of the ear acupuncture theory is Western in origin and it’s nice to be able to look things up and treat things like the brain or nervous system directly.

I do have one word of warning. On a couple of occasions I have found that NADA has really wiped people out for a period of time. This is not easy to predict although I think it’s more likely when people are older. There have been no bad long-term effects and my guess is that these are cases where the Liver has been over extended. NADA relaxes everything and although what these people actually needed was rest they have found the sudden change a bit much.

Summary – Easy Ear Acupuncture

Use the NADA protocol for anyone who has toxins in their system or who is up tight and stressed out. It’s also a good starting point for anyone who is serious about kicking a habit like smoking or drinking.

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