Acupuncture Course Venue in Bath

Courses are currently being held at:

Nexus Claremont Methodist Centre
Eastbourne Avenue
Bath BA1 6EN.

NOTE: There are two Methodist Churches in this area of Bath. The best strategy is to ask/look for Fairfield Park Health Centre because people know where that is and its exactly opposite the church.

Look for: Fairfield Park Health Centre, Tyning La, Camden Rd, Bath BA1 6EA.

See Picture – The Fairfield Park Health Centre is on one side and the red door to enter the church venue opposite. Ring doorbell or enter and come up the stairs past the main church to the room at the top. There is on road parking around this area and regular bus service to the station (no 6 or 7).

The venue is subject to change depending upon circumstances but will always be in the Bath/North Somerset area.