Acupuncture Books & Supplies

Books and DVD’s Recommended for the HAC Course

These are acupuncture books to complement the course and broaden your study. You will probably need to spend between £100-300 on books and equipment. You do not need to purchase all this before you start. It is ultimately possible to complete our course without text books by using our own notes and what is available online but most students find that a basic minimum is desirable. We recommend at least a good TCM text book, a five elements book and a points book as below. Sometimes you can find these books secondhand but they hold their prices quite well.

Materials, you will need:

97809543188401, A TCM Text book: “Foundations of Chinese Medicine” – Maciocia: The standard textbook in many colleges. Or “The Web that has no Weaver” A classic old acupuncture book by Ted Kaptchuk.

2, A book on 5E acupuncture: “The Handbook of Five Element Practice” – Nora Franglen

3, An acupuncture points book: For example: “A Practical Guide To Acu-Points” by Chris Jarmey & Ilaira Bouratinos or “The Pictorial Atlas of Acupuncture: An Illustrated Manual of Acupuncture Points”.

Video is also useful “How to locate Acupuncture Points” – The Definitive DVD by Silence Speaks.

And/or “A Manual of acupuncture” book or DVD from JCM (website).

If you like to access things by smartphone there are various i-phone apps from people like JCM or 3D Acupuncture.


Needles, Lengths: 13mm,  25mm,  (0.20 gauge)  40mm  (0.25 gauge) approx, Small Sharps box, BP tester (not essential but a good idea), Cotton Wool Balls & Medi Swabs, Massage Oil, Towel, White Coat (not essential) 2 Glass cups + tongs, Folders & forms for keeping patient records/pen. We will provide some equipment on the course so there is no need to purchase anything yet.

ACI/Cun (Newman) point locator tool is very useful, this may be available from the suppliers below.


Here are some of the firms we use for acupuncture supplies


Dulwich Acupuncture:


Other Resources to Consider are


Japanese Style:

“Meridian Style Acupuncture” – Pirog.

5 Element / Worsley Style acupuncture books:

“Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture” – Hicks/Mole.

“Law of the 5 Elements Wall Chart” – Worsley

Point Location

“A Manual of Acupuncture” (TCM) – Deadman/Mazin/Baker (approx £75) Points cards are also available. There is a DVD (£70) and i phone users app (£25) this is a good learning tool with tests, videos etc.


“The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine” – Jarrett: some find this too flowery but I really like it, a great blend of TCM/5E & more. Good on the major 5E blocks to treatment too.

“Insights of a Senior Acupuncturist” (TCM) – Miriam Lee: Great book, how to treat everything with just 5 points!

“Auriculotherapy Manual” – Olson: The best ear acupuncture book, Chart also available.